LaVar Ball Gives Long Awaited Update on Lonzo’s Future

LaVar Ball Injury Update

Amidst tons of rumors and uncertainty surrounding Lonzo Ball’s playing future, his Dad has spoken out.

Ball played 35 games as the Bulls’ point guard before suffering a meniscus tear in his left knee over a year ago on January 14 of 2022.

He hasn’t taken the court since and there have been questions around if he will play again this season.

Some are even questioning whether he’ll ever play in the NBA again but his Dad / manager LaVar Ball has assured everyone he will be back.

“Lonzo is gonna be fine,” Ball said on Stacey King’s “Gimme the Hot Sauce”. “He’s only 25 years old. He’s gonna get his stuff together and gonna be ready to play and do his thing again. People gotta get off of that: ‘He’s gotta come back tomorrow or next week or next month. He had some debris in the nerve … that’s why he couldn’t get nothing done. Debris in the nerve doesn’t allow you to bend or stretch. But all that’s done now. So now it’s about getting your strength back and then getting your endurance.”

Ball mentioned players like Zion Williamson, who missed 44 games for the Pelicans his rookie season before returning the following year, as well as Michael Porter Jnr and his injury struggles.

“You’ve got a lot of folks who sit out for a year or two. Look at Michael Porter, the dude for Denver,” Ball said.

LaVar explained to King that they aren’t rushing Lonzo’s return and making sure he is back to a form he is comfortable with.

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“Like I told him, do everything slow,” Ball said. “Don’t be 70 percent and try to come out there, be 100 percent. So whenever you’re 100 percent come back and be ready to go. It ain’t about sitting out one game, 20 games. Worry about the money and stuff like that? Nah. Just make sure you’re healthy and good to go where you can play the same way.”

“Lonzo’s gonna make everybody believers, man,” he added.