Kevin Durant Responds to Montrezl Harrell Disrespecting Nic Claxton

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has responded to Montrezl Harrell’s less than flattering comments about Nic Claxton ahead of their match up on Wednesday.

“Come on Montrezl, you was talking crazy. You not like that,” Durant said on his podcast. “You’re an enforcer as a basketball player, but you’re not that guy. Clax is having a good year, come on man, don’t do that.”

It comes after Harrell said this when asked about Claxton’s breakout season:

“I don’t know nothing about that, brother. You’re talking about a guy who steps up, but at the same time, Kyrie (Irving) is the head of that snake… It’s good that (Claxton) is playing well and stuff like that. Cool, but it’s not the focal point of our (defense) or what we’re trying to take away.

“So kudos to him, but at the same time, brother, that’s not the focus of my lock-in. I’m just gonna come out and make sure Kyrie isn’t getting downhill, make sure he isn’t creating for his guys and make sure he isn’t causing a whole lot of havoc in order to get Claxton open.”

Durant has been one of Claxton’s biggest supporters and believes rivals like Harrell should be show some respect for the young center, who is putting up DPOY numbers.

“There’s a little shade in that,” Durant continued. “Of course, Kyrie (is) the head of the snake, just like Joel Embiid’s the head of the snake, but we’re not gonna forget about Tobias Harris and Tyrese Maxey and you and James (Harden), but come on bro. Give somebody some credit fam, it ain’t that hard.”

23-year-old Claxton leads the league in blocks (2.7), ahead of Brook Lopez (2.5), and is averaging 8.9 rebounds per game.

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