Trae Young Responds to Draymond Green Calling Him Out

Draymond Green has something to say about Trae Young playing the villain. Speaking in an interview with Taylor Rooks, Green said he didn’t think Trae should adopt that role.

“I personally think Trae has, in his mind, taken on this villain role,” Green told Rooks. “And he’s bought into it and he’s dove head-first (into it). He’s good enough to take it on and still play well and still be Trae Young and still be an All-Star and be fine. But I personally think it’s the wrong approach.”

Green’s main reason was that “Being a villain ain’t fun”.

“You only get so much out of shutting someone up. How many times are you going to shut them up? Then what? They still hate you, you’re still looked at as the villain.”

Young disagreed with Green’s statement, responding on Instagram.

“Love hearing Dray… but can respectfully disagree on how ‘I think’ about my situation,” he said. “… Someday people will heat my whole side & how ‘I THINK’ about everything. Great listen tho.”