Sports Doctor Gives Assessment on Anthony Davis Injury: ‘Good News Overall’

There is hope that a procedure on Anthony Davis’ foot can be avoided, as one Sports Doctor has given a positive assessment on Twitter.

The team reported earlier this week that his right foot stress fracture will see him sit out indefinitely but Dr. Rajpal Brar believes the injury can be fixed by reducing Davis’ workload.

“Essentially means bone is being loaded > repairing = changes in bone. “Stress reaction” precursor to stress fracture when not managed. Have to see how it heals & go from there. Hence indefinite timeline,” he wrote.

“This is good news overall,” Dr. Brar continued. “It’s an overload injury. Hence you reduce that load, re-evaluate based after a set period of time and then go from there. Makes sense why nothing showed up on imaging.”

Dr. Brar is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, strength and conditioning specialist, movement and mechanics coach sports scientist, so it seems he is certainly qualified to make an assessment.

Initial reports suggested that Davis could be out for 2-3 months with the injury so if it can be healed with changing his workload, he could be back on the court much sooner. The Lakers desperately need him back to make the playoffs, as he has been their best player for the last month.

The Lakers went down 124-115 to Dallas tonight and are 2-6 without their star power forward.

According to Woj, the pain has subsided and Davis will rest up for the next seven to ten days before being re-evaluated.

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