James Harden Exposes Nets in First Tell-All Interview Since Leaving Brooklyn

James Harden has revealed his true feelings about the Nets in his first tell-all interview since leaving Brooklyn.

Speaking to Fox Sports’ Yaron Weitzman, Harden said that much of what bothered him about the Nets was the lack of structure in place.

“I don’t mean to, like, just down talk to anybody or whatever. It was just, there was no structure and even superstars, they need structure,” Harden told Weitzman in an interview that occured five days before Brooklyn fired Steve Nash and was published on the weekend.

“That’s what allows us to be the best players and leaders for our respective organisations. I just feel like internally, things weren’t what I expected when I was trying to get traded there. I think everybody knows that.

“And I knew people were going to talk and say, ‘You quit’ and all that stuff, but then the following summer, the other superstar there (Kevin Durant) wanted to leave. So it’s like: Am I still the quitter?”

The report goes on to state drama arose in Brooklyn when Kevin Durant took issue with the kind of shape Harden was in, with the two butting heads over the matter.

Things only got worse when Kyrie Irving couldn’t play (and then became a part-time player) due to not wanting to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Once it got to a certain point, James was just over all of it,” a Nets staffer told Weitzman.

You can read the full interview here.