‘World’s No.1 Ref Snitch’ Hilariously Exposes NBA Refs & Star Players

For some folks, trolling is a hobby. For others, it’s a way of life.

The man I’m about to introduce you to definitely falls into the latter category.

Meet @DevInTheLab, the world’s “number 1 social media ref snitch troll”. It’s a self-proclaimed title, but it may very well be an accurate one too.

Our man Dev has cooked up one hell of a video which shows Luka Doncic getting away with all kinds of illegal activity on the court.

Take a look:

He begins the video by saying, “since they’re calling everything on JP, we gotta enforce the game the right way,” before unleashing a rapid fire series of Luka’s uncalled carries, travels, fouls, push offs and charges.

“Pure basketball is ruined,” Dev says at the end.

Here’s another video he made, this time featuring Ja Morant:

Whether or not you’re triggered by some of his more extreme statements, you can’t deny this man gets content.