One NBA Player Tried Steph’s Workout With Him, Threw Up Almost Immediately

Steph Curry is almost impossible for opponents to keep pace with during games, and apparently, he’s just as hard to match on the practice court.

According to long-time trainer Brandon Payne, one unnamed NBA player tried to do one of Steph’s brutal workouts with him and failed miserably to keep up.

“We’ve had a player, who’s still in the NBA, go through the first five minutes, sat down on the floor besides the door for about 30 seconds, stood up, went outside and threw up, and was done,” Payne said on the Basketball Illuminati podcast.

While Payne did not specify which player it was, one astute Redditor helpfully pointed this out:

“MPJ talked about working out with Steph not long ago on the Road Trippin podcast and he said Steph’s workout is designed to get him as tired as possible so he shoots when he’s tired. I wonder if it’s him.”

We may never know for sure, but the story just goes to show how much of a freak of nature Steph Curry really is.