Hoops and Cards Podcast: Basketball Cards 101 – Everything You Need to Know in One Episode!

It’s the episode you didn’t know how much you needed. A “greatest hits” edition of ALL the Basketball Card 101 episodes will give you all the “main points” of life in the Basketball card investing and collecting world. Gary tackles all the questions, from “How did you get into this?” to “Where can I buy cards?”, “What cards or players should I buy?”, “What are some tips for buyers and sellers?” ,”How do I take care of my cards?” and many, many more.

It’s a long episode, but it will feel short. Share it as a “refresher course” on all things Basketball Card for your friend who is just starting to collect. Listen for ideas and reminders about all the essential “things to know” and “things to do” in the hobby. Gary also runs down four or more generations of Basketball players and cards to remember!

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