Steph Responds to Getting Trolled For ‘Only’ Having One Finals MVP

The only blemish on Steph Curry’s resume is the fact that he has won Finals MVP just once in the six Finals he’s played in.

“I’ll never hear that question again – ‘Oh, you don’t have a Finals MVP’ – because now it’s like, will I get another? It’s just the goal post change,” Curry said on JJ Redick’s podcast The Old Man and the Three.

Curry also opened up on Andre Iguodala winning Finals MVP over him in 2015.

“Obviously, we’re not winning the finals if I don’t play the way I played. I felt like I played extremely well. We don’t win the finals unless Andre plays the way he did, and that adjustment (of Iguodala serving as LeBron James’ primary defender) working, him giving us such a huge boost throughout the whole series.

“We both thought we probably deserved it. I’m sure when he heard his name called, he was like, ‘No, it’s him.’ And if it was me, it would have been the same thing. It never dawned on me that I wouldn’t have another opportunity to get one, or the fact he didn’t deserve it.”

Curry averaged 26 points, 5.2 rebounds and 6.3 assists in the 2015 Finals. Iguodala averaged 16.3 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4 assists, but as Curry mentioned, he was exceptional as LeBron James’ primary defender.