Embiid Goes Crazy to Record Career-High in Win Over Jazz

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid will no doubt sleep soundly tonight after he posted a career-high 59 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists and seven blocks in 76ers’ 105-98 victory over Utah at Fargo Wells Center tonight.

In a ridiculous stat, the center has recorded 101 points in less than 24 hours after their 121-109 victory over the Hawks yesterday. Here’s another: since blocks became official in 1973-74, Embiid is the first player in NBA History to record 50+ points, 10+ rebounds, 5+ assists, and 5+ blocks in a game AND he almost got a 60-point quadruple-double.

The Jazz didn’t make it easy for the big man though, or his team for that matter, as they only led by three points with under three minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

From that point, Embiid was the only Philly player to score until the final buzzer after both teams missed bucket after bucket but Embiid managed a 19-foot two point shot.

Then with 04:09 left to play he made both free throws as the crowd chanted ‘MVP’ and gave him a standing ovation after he scored 26 of their 27 points in the fourth.

He accounted for 78 of his team’s 105 points through points of his own or assists. He was also seen giving Lauri Markkanen a ‘pep talk’ of sorts in the final 20.5 at the line before his free throws and what do you know! Marraken missed them both.

Earlier in the game he scored 13 first-quarter points and in the second quarter he brought them back from a 14-point deficit, which only existed because he was on the bench resting. Honestly, what can’t this man do?

Sixers’ coach Doc Rivers definitely did not think Embiid had a 50+ point night in him because his form didn’t come early like it had the night before against Atlanta.

“I thought last night…because he started out the game rolling,” Rivers said.

“Tonight he had five turnovers at halftime.

“The reason they were scoring [was] because they got offensive rebounds and turnovers and in the second half they didn’t get any offside rebounds, or as many, and he [Embiid] had zero turnovers.”

Until very recently, Jazz were first seed in the West and in three of Philly’s last four games they have beaten top three teams (Suns, Atlanta and Jazz) in the Eastern and Western conferences, which is a promising sign, especially considering they are playing without All-Star James Harden (footy injury).

They will face arguably their biggest test yet on Friday, that is the powerhouse of the Bucks but have first been blessed with a huge four days off – enough for Embiid to recover and do it all again.