Rebel Launches First of Its Kind Gamified Social AR Filter

Basketball fans can now immerse themselves in the world of pro hoops more than ever thanks to rebel, who have created a first of its kind gamified social augmented reality experience.

The new offering allows fans to master dunking on the virtual court in their favourite NBA kicks.

The filter provides an immersive basketball court environment allowing users to project their face onto a basketball player’s body and challenging them to match facial expressions to timed on-screen prompts.

Each user is presented with a unique gamified experience based on their shoe choice, which relates to the level of difficulty and speed of the game.

Users can choose from the latest of rebel’s signature basketball shoe range, including the Nike Kyrie Infinity and Air Jordan XXXVI.

In the process, fans can really lose themselves not only in the world of pro hoops but also basketball’s rich sneaker culture.

With multiple levels, avatar shoe configurations, dynamic scoring and a full 3D basketball court, Rebel has really pushed the limits of what AR filters can do.