‘We Got Four!’ Golden State Warriors Celebrate Championship With Parade

Dub Nation was out in full force Monday as thousands packed the street under a rain of blue confetti for the Golden State Warriors Championship Parade.

The caravan traveled 1.4 miles up Market Street as players and fans basked in the afterglow of their fourth title in eight years.

“Every so once in a while, you got to remind yourself. We got four!” Curry said before screaming.

This year’s Final’s MVP sported his three previous championship rings on a necklace.

“I had to bring the jewelry back out. I don’t look at it during the year,” said Curry per NBC Sports Bay Area.

The Warriors passed the mic around sharing, their thoughts and joy with fans and attempts to go viral.

“I’m just trying to think of the most controversial thing I can say,” Draymond Green said. “What do y’all want me to tell you? That we’re better than everybody? Nah, this has been an amazing year. I told y’all don’t let us win a f–king championship, and clearly, nobody could stop it. I warned y’all. I’m just going to continue to destroy people on Twitter as I have been.”

“Real mature, Draymond,” Klay Thompson responded, drawing laughs from the crowd. “This guy’s got the maturity level of a third-grader.”

Thompson rejoined the Warriors last January after being out more than two years recuperating from injuries.

Thompson went on to give a shout-out to Dub Nation.

“Anyways, I mean just going to breakfast Saturday morning and seeing everybody in the neighborhood just so excited. Getting a standing ovation from the chef, from the waiters, that’s what it’s about, those little wins.

“Whether it’s taking a picture with an old lady or a young kid, Dub Nation has no bounds, and we have fans from all walks of life.”

The Warriors defeated the Celtics 103-90 Sunday in Game 6 to win the series 4-2.