Celtics Lament Lack of Ball Movement Down Game 4 Stretch

Derrick White Celtics

The Boston Celtics lamented the lack of ball movement down the stretch of Game 4 of the NBA Finals after losing 107-97 to the Golden State Warriors.

“For us, we just got to move, plain and simple,” Celtics’ guard Marcus Smart – who had 18 points, four rebounds, and five assists on 7-18 shooting – said after the game, via NBA.com.

“If the ball gets stuck and you see it, go screen somebody. But we have to move. We cannot let the ball get stagnant and let them load up on us.”

The Celtics struggled with turnovers yet again; marking a trend that’s defined just about every loss this postseason.

“I think we just kind of got a little stagnant,” Celtics’ guard Derrick White – who had 16 points on 4-12 shooting – said after the game.

“Everybody just kind of standing around looking at whoever had the ball, no player movement, no ball movement.”

Celtics’ star Jayson Tatum scored an inefficient 23 points on 8-23 shooting to go along with a game-high six turnovers.

The momentum has surely swung back in the Warriors’ favor heading back to Golden State for Game 5.

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