Love at First Step: Introducing the Curry Flow Go

Stephen Curry is always on the move. In fact, he logs more than four kilometres per game – nearly eight marathons per season – and that’s before you even factor in his mileage during the postseason, practice and offseason workouts.

So it was only natural for Curry and Under Armour to collaborate on a premium running shoe: the Curry Flow Go, a lightweight, high-performance shoe for the grind of training that complements the Curry Flow 9 basketball shoe in the Curry Brand lineup.

The Curry Flow Go is visually striking, with a sleek silhouette that exudes speed and power. Curry himself fell in love with the shoe at first sight—and especially after taking his first steps in it.

The ultimate goal was to make a shoe that felt natural for Curry, who relies on Under Armour’s Flow traction technology in his namesake basketball shoe to make sharp, multidirectional cuts and shed defenders on the court.

“I love the traction of Flow,” says Curry, who is closing in on the NBA’s all-time 3-point record and noted that Under Armour’s breakthrough technology has “definitely made an impact on my ability to get through an NBA season.”

To top it off, the shoe even features a nod to Curry’s family with four dots adorning the lateral side of each shoe to represent Curry’s wife, Ayesha, and three children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon.

The Curry Flow Go is available at Footlocker here.