Kings Lose to Lakers; Gentry Cites ‘Dumbass Rule’

Alvin Gentry Kings Loss

The Sacramento Kings lost to the Los Angeles Lakers 122-114 on Tuesday night – and Kings’ head coach Alvin Gentry had more than a few things to say about a game-clock mishap that incited a jump-ball with 24 seconds left.

“[The referees] enforced the rule the way it is,” Gentry said, via Mark Medina.

“If anything needs to be changed, the rule needs to be changed. I think there has got to be some common sense about the basketball. We have the basketball right there. They started the clock. We didn’t start the clock. It wasn’t our error. And so we got punished for a dumbass rule. That’s the bottom line. But it had nothing to do with the officials. All they did was exactly what they were supposed to do. They enforced the rule. And so if anything needs to be changed, the rule needs to be changed.”

Gentry – clearly upset about the situation – hopefully used language clever enough to avoid a fine by the League Office.

The Kings are once again stuck in a basketball doldrum; tenth in the Western Conference with a 16-23 record.

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