The Most Savage NBA Player Tweets Of All-Time

savage tweets

This article was originally published on July 9, 2020. 

There are no two ways about it, some NBA players straight-up have no chill and it shows in their savage tweets.

Twitter beefs and roastings are almost commonplace in this wonderfully entertaining league, and we have a glorious backlog of savage tweets to prove it.

CJ McCollum claps back at Chandler Parsons

Melo destroys a random fan

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A young Kyle Kuzma disses LeBron

Ty Lawson puts some unnamed sucka on blast

Joel Embiid responds to Donald Trump winning the election

Embiid trolls Trump again, this time after being snubbed from the All-Star Game

Kings always up to something on Twitter

JR Smith going just a little bit too far

Dirk cops a roasting from his trainer

The Timberwolves troll Ja Rule following his awful half-time show in Milwaukee

Dame trolls Russ

Dame goes in on LeBron after Miami’s 2011 Finals loss

savage tweets

savage tweet

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