Ben Simmons Feeling the Hit of Sixers $360,000 Fine Over Holdout

Ben Simmons of the Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers holdout Ben Simmons is feeling the hit of a $360,000 fine for missing Monday’s preseason game.

Simmons’ representatives met with the players union after he was told about the amount of the fine.

He was also told that he would not get that money back, according to Philly Voice.

The 25-year old star is holding out after a rough summer and even rougher postseason with the 76ers.

He did not show up to training camp and faces fines for every preseason game he misses.

The $360,000 fine is higher than what Simmons was told it would be.

The Sixers are holding 25 percent of Simmons salary after he failed to report to the team.

Simmons was supposed to make over $33 million this season.

The Sixers are withholding over $8 million of his salary with him away from the team.

Simmons could opt to take this to arbitration, but that is a fight he is unlikely to win.

In 2019 Simmons agreed to a five year, $177 million deal.

While the team tries to trade him, the stock on Ben Simmons is at an all-time low after his subpar performance in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks.

Despite that, he should be desired by a team at some point this season.

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