Los Angeles Lakers Reveal New Jersey Patch Sponsor

Lakers Bibigo sponsor

The Los Angeles Lakers have unveiled a new jersey patch sponsor for the 2021-22 NBA season: Korean-based food company bibigo.

“This partnership is a connection of two ‘global culture icons’ of food and sports, and it is an important opportunity for bibigo to emerge as a global food brand,” said Wookho Kyeong, CMO of CJ CheilJedang – which bibigo is a strategic brand of – in an official press release.

The five year sponsorship deal between bibigo and the Lakers is estimated to be worth more than $100 million, per The Los Angeles Times.

“As Korea’s leading food brand, bibigo is always looking for opportunities to innovate and expand their brand, and the Lakers are excited to help them to not only expand their global recognition, but to provide the opportunity to reach new fans,” said Tim Harris, Lakers’ President of Business Operations.

The Lakers’ most recently featured Wish as their official jersey sponsor.

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