NBA Details New Rules for Discouraging ‘Manipulated’ Fouls

NBA Referees

The NBA has revealed new details about rule changes for the upcoming 2021-22 season that will discourage players from committing “manipulated” fouls.

“We don’t want to disincentivize free throws,” NBA senior vice president, head of referee development and training, Monty McCutchen said in a call with reporters on Thursday afternoon, via ESPN.

“We want to disincentivize abnormal moves whose sole purpose is to get free throws.”

Players like James Harden and Chris Paul have abused the “air space” foul rule – which stipulates that the offensive jump shooter must be given ample space to land – by predicting where the defender will stop, then jumping into them.

“NBA referees are no longer in the business of what would have happened,” McCutchen said.

Fans have been yammering for rule changes for years; now it seems they’re going to get their wish.

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