NBA 2K22 Receives Mixed Reviews from Critics

Russ NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is here – and critics are divided on its quality.

Developer Visual Concepts played its cards close to its chest before the game’s release, which begged some people – namely me – to question whether the annual iteration of the basketball sim would be ready for launch.

The good news is that NBA 2K22 was ready for launch; just not like a ’94/’95 Rocket.

The PlayStation 5 version of NBA 2K22 currently has a metascore of 76, which indicates generally favorable reviews.

On the high end, Critix of IGN France gives the game a 90/100, saying “Thanks to an impeccable production, NBA 2K22 feels more immersive and realistic than ever.”

On the low end, Stacey Henley of The Gamer gives the game a 60/100, saying “NBA 2K22 is an almost impossible game to rate, because it’s a damn good basketball game at its core. The biggest problem is how it tries to be anything but a basketball game, and while that doesn’t damage the overall quality on the court, it makes it hard to root for it. It’s the ‘03 Lakers, and I hate the ‘03 Lakers.”

Of course, 2K is still rife with predatory micro transactions, omnipresent bugs, and questionable game physics.

But at its core, it’s a full-featured basketball sim that all basketball fans can enjoy.

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