A Brief History of the Russell Westbrook-Rajon Rondo Beef

Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo have engaged in a war of words a couple of times now, with one incident famously involving Rondo’s brother.

So, how did their beef begin, how did it escalate, and where do things stand now that are teammates at the Lakers?

Here’s everything you need to know:


The beef was born in the bubble around this time last year when Rondo’s brother, William, started talking trash to Westbrook from the sidelines.

According to ESPN, William called Westbrook “trash” and waved him goodbye (think Dame to OKC), although it was William who was ejected from the arena.

Rondo defended his brother after the game, saying “he didn’t do anything crazy”.

“He called the man ‘trash’,” he said. “Fans do what fans do. He’s my brother first. He didn’t do anything disrespectful.”

But Russ saw things differently.

“People at the game are supposed to shut your mouth and watch the game,” Westbrook said. “That’s the rules, especially when you have family and people here. Apparently since Rondo was talking sh*t, he wanted to hop in, too.

“… I get it. He wanted to take up for his brother. I don’t know for what, but that’s it. But those rules stand for everybody, though, no matter who it is, family, whatever. But when you cross that line, then he’s supposed to be at home. There’s no rules or regulations for that. But he started talking crazy and I don’t play that game.”

With Westbrook eliminated by the Lakers and William escorted from the court, there were no winners that night.


When Westbrook and Rondo faced off this past January, Russ earnt himself a second technical foul (and a resulting ejection) after shoving Rondo while going for a rebound.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Westbrook said his ejection was a resulting of stooping down to Rondo’s level.

“I mean, honestly, it’s more on me,” Westbrook said. “I cannot allow myself to stoop down to anybody’s level. That’s not my character, who I am, so I gotta be better in regards to trash-talking when things are said.”


With Westbrook and Rondo now teammates in LA, clearly they need to bury the hatchet.

Doing so shouldn’t be too much of a big deal considering the majority of NBA beefs never leave the court, and Rondo has already made an effort to quash any lingering tensions or awkwardness.

When asked which of his new Lakers teammates he was most excited to link up with earlier this month, Rondo said Carmelo Anthony and “obviously Russ”.

He also had this to say when asked about what he thought Westbrook would bring to the table in LA.

“More excitement. More energy in practice. I’m looking forward to a lot more competition with him and other guys on the team. It’s a hell of a team as far as having a lot of competitors.”

Consider the beef over. But don’t worry, knowing how much drama we see around the league around the league every year, a new beef is sure to take its place.