Actor Shares Kevin Durant’s Homophobic, Misogynistic DMs

Outspoken actor and media personality Michael Rapaport on Tuesday shared screenshots of a conversation between himself and Kevin Durant in which the Brooklyn Nets star used homophobic and misogynistic language that has drawn outrage across the sporting world.

The Instagram conversation dates back to last year, with Durant appearing to be furious about comments Rapaport had made about him.

Durant later appeared to confirm the messages were real in a tweet and apologised in Rapaport’s Instagram comments.

It remains to be seen whether Durant’s messages will draw the ire of the NBA, but the league has a history of fining and/or suspending players for using anti-gay language, with Rajon Rondo being one notable example.

Durant also claimed on Twitter that he and Rapaport have a back-and-forth relationship, but the disgusted actor has made it clear that this was no ordinary banter.

Durant’s social media activity has been the subject of intense public scrutiny since he was caught using Twitter accounts to defend himself in 2017.

To this day, he frequently claps back at everyday people on social media, a habit which has not exactly endeared him to a broader NBA fanbase which had already soured on him following his defection to the Golden State Warriors in 2016.