NBA TIPS (RESULTS) – March 18, 2021

It seems the lock has been vaccinated against losing. It wasn’t looking good midway through the second quarter today with the Celtics colder than ice, but like the Undertaker – our lock found a way to rise from the dead, and bring us another day of profit. We’ve now hit 12 of our last 14 locks. Show me another tipping service that’s churning out those results, and I’ll show you a liar.

Our mid-range pick went down because of the aforementioned first two quarters – Boston doing their best to resemble our Sunday social team on offense, before kicking into gear in the second half to fall just 5 points short of the line. We were similarly stitched up by Miami in yesterday’s mid ranger, but following two very unlucky misses since bringing in this new format to replace the Accumulator multi, we’re confident that we’re onto a good thing here.

For our speculator, Dejounte Murray just started too slowly (he was smoking whatever Boston was smoking). He ended with a respectable 14/7/5, but didn’t do enough to get it done for us.

Regardless, we settle for profit (again), up 9.24 units on the day and 132.06 over the past 25 game days.

Laughing. All. The. Way. To. The. Bank.

See you tomorrow for more free money!