The Biggest NBA Rumours Right Now

There’s nothing like the NBA rumour mill, and we’re here to round up all the latest chatter from around the league.

Let’s do this.


Once a thunderous highlight machine, Blake Griffin is now just a shadow of his former self.

It’s been a sad and sudden decline for Griffin, who once finished third in MVP voting and averaged 24/7/5 just two seasons ago.

Now, he’s managing just 12/5/3 and is making an already depressing Detroit situation even more so.

There has been no official word yet on where he could land but the bookmakers believe Miami is his most likely destination.


If Andre Drummond gets bought out – and it appears he will – the Brooklyn Nets are a likely destination, according to multiple reports.

The Athletic stated that a league scout believed Drummond could wind up joining the Nets, while The Action Network’s Matt Moore has verified that report with two additional sources.

This is a league where the rich get richer midseason through the buyout market, and the Nets may prove to be no exception.


A time will come when the Raptors need to rebuild, rather than clinging to the remains of a championship team which has already lost five of its ten-best players.

Some say that time has already come, and either way, a Kyle Lowry departure could be inevitable.

Lowry leaving Toronto would come with the same emotional gravitas as DeMar DeRozan’s departure.

Lowry is in his ninth year with the Raptors – the same amount of time DeMar DeRozan spent north of the border – and was of course an integral part of Toronto’s championship-winning team in 2019.


Harrison Barnes is more or less playing as well as ever, and that’s landed him on the Celtics’ radar according to The Athletic.

And while Boston would love to throw Barnes into the mix, the Kings are reportedly more focused on making a playoff push than trading their top-tier players.

However, the West is always a brutal conference, and Sacramento could always reconsider at some point down the line if they decide this iteration of their team isn’t cutting it.