NBA Urges Teams to Offer Mental Health Resources in Memo

Adam Silver Mental Health Memo

The NBA is urging organizations to offer more resources for employee mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, per a report from AP.

“Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of one’s mental health and having access to resources are important aspects of managing the feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and stress that have characterized much of 2020 and will in all likelihood be present during the 2020-21 season,” the league wrote in a memo obtained by The Associated Press.

The league’s suggestion is that teams should ensure “education and awareness materials focused on managing mental health during times of uncertainty and coping strategies for addressing the emotional toll of the pandemic.”

In recent years, several NBA players – including Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love and San Antonio Spurs wing DeMar DeRozan – have spoken out about their experiences struggling with mental health issues.

The NBA has been at the forefront of shedding the stigmatization of mental health issues, particularly in male athletes.

The NBA Coaches Association chimed in with a statement on Wednesday as part of their quarterly health bulletin.

“The usage of mental health tools and support platforms has increased as have the modalities to assist those in need. These include meditation apps, journaling, engaging in therapy with a professional or a support group as well as other mindful techniques, such as yoga,” the NBCA wrote.

It’s great to see an organization as big and influential as the NBA treat mental health education/treatment so seriously.

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