Blue Raspberry Edition of New Balance’s Kawhi X Jolly Rancher Makes a Statement

There’s no one quite like Kawhi Leonard, and there’s nothing quite like his latest New Balance shoe either.

The latest colourway of the KAWHI signature sneaker, the Blue Raspberry edition of the New KAWHI Jolly Rancher Collection, reveals Kawhi’s personality through his favourite childhood candy.

The KAWHI Jolly Rancher collaboration features two colours for the signature, in Original Flavors and Blue Raspberry.

The Blue Raspberry colour will be sold exclusively at Foot Locker Australia and New Zealand.

The first colour of the KAWHI, 4 Bounces, which launched in August, rapidly sold out worldwide.

The KAWHI signature is built around Kawhi’s power and versatility. It features Kawhi-specific design elements like corn-row inspired embossing on the collar strap, his accolades on the top of the tongue, eyelets that resemble his 1964 classic car and a quilted heel tab that also pays homage to his classic ride.

The heel also features an M and the latitude and longitude coordinates that locate the center of Moreno Valley, CA where Kawhi is from.

In addition, the translucent and glossy material changes on this special colourway emulate the colours of the, anything but ordinary Jolly Rancher candy.

The normally classic, smiley Jolly Rancher fruit gang take on Kawhi’s stone cold, focused mentality on the shoes tongue.

“Working closely with Kawhi on this collaboration infuses more of his personality into his signature collection and allows him to further showcase his style,” explained Jonathan Grondin, New Balance’s Design Director for Basketball

“He wanted to ensure its design emulated the hard work he puts in on and off the court. I am excited to see this launch during the 2020 NBA playoffs while Kawhi continues to put his stamp on the game and culture.”

“Developing our first-ever shoe collaboration with Kawhi and the New Balance team has been a surreal experience,” said Shannon Wilkinson, brand manager, Jolly Rancher.

“Collectively we were able to combine our absurdly, bold fruit flavors and our unmistakable fruit gang characters with Kawhi and New Balance to showcase a bold, unique and one-of-a-kind style in this collection.  We’ve collaborated on some of the hottest footwear for the season and we can’t wait to wear them.”

The New Balance Kawhi Leonard Jolly Rancher collection will also be featured in NBA 2K21, for players to purchase at the in-game store and use on player avatars.