The adidas ‘Dame 7 Visionary’ Is Next-Level

The Dame 7 Visionary, which is now available around the country, embodies everything Damian Lillard represents.

It’s a hat-tip to his visionary status not just in basketball, but in life, as an entertainer and a leader on and off the floor.

An accomplished rapper who cares deeply about making a difference in his community, Dame is more than just a basketball player, and the Dame 7 Visionary is more than just a shoe.

Dame is a dominant force both on the court and in the studio, and his dual-coloured shoes are a reminder of his remarkable versatility.

Like the shoes he puts his name to, Dame is bold, daring, and never disappoints.

He always delivers, and as we can see from his sneaker line, adidas does too.

The Dame 7 Visionary is available at and selected stores.