LeBron James Highest Rated Player on NBA 2K21

LeBron James of the Lakers during Game 1 of the NBA Finals

LeBron James refuses to let father-time defeat him. His rating on NBA 2K21 came out at 98 today, which is the highest ranking of anyone in the game. He’s going on age 36 and has shown no signs of wearing down.

James who is consistently at the top of every rating board for the past 15 years is number one again. The game which will be out on PlayStation 5 in November released most of their ratings Thursday. As they try and showcase the game to get people to start pre-ordering.

The updated rankings will go into effect November 10. Next Gen graphics look better then ever and people have marvelled over the game with the trailers that they have seen. It is their best work yet and should be a high seller.

Giannis Antetokounmpo came in at second with a 97 rating. Then you had other stars tricking in with low to mid-90’s. The most surprising being Damian Lillard at 93 while James Harden is a 94. There is a large talent difference there that many fans believed should’ve taken into effect.

But again the king shows he is on top and the league will continue to run through Los Angeles. As they boast two of the best players in the NBA and fresh off of a championship.

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