Lakers and Nuggets Not Satisfied With Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Ruling

After months of protests, waiting, and anticipation, justice was served in the Breonna Taylor case, at least in the eyes of Kentucky law, but players from the Lakers and Nuggets were less than satisfied with the decision.

“Bron texted the group chat that there might be an announcement made,” said Lakers guard Danny Green.

LeBron James later tweeted his reaction to the decision.

The team had gathered for a light practice Wednesday, but all thoughts quickly turned to the case.

“Nobody was really happy about it. It was disappointing. In a sense, something was done, but it wasn’t enough. Most guys felt it was definitely not enough. … It’s a tough one,” said Green.

Taylor was shot and killed in her bed when Louisville, Kentucky police accidentally raided the wrong house in a botched drug bust.

A grand jury indicted officer Brett Hankison for shooting into neighboring apartments, but none of the officers involved were charged with a crime against Taylor.

Many players were hesitant to play in the bubble for fear of not being part of the effort to bring about social change.

However, they determined their platform as active NBA players gave them the best shot at making a difference.

“We haven’t even gotten the chance to reconvene. We need more time as a group — not just as our team but as everyone in the bubble and outside the bubble — to figure out how we can continue to get progress in these certain aspects, in these certain categories, in these certain communities,” said Green.

Denver coach Mike Malone said the league is trying to educate and be a voice for injustice victims.

“I know we’ve been using our platform down here to try to bring about education and a voice in a lot of players on our team, especially also spoken out on justice for Breonna Taylor,” Malone said. “We have not gotten that justice. That’s a shame. Hopefully, that will change at some point.”

The Lakers and Nuggets take the court for Game 4 Thursday.