Chauncey Billups Showing Interest in Becoming a Head Coach

Chauncey Billups made a good name for himself in his playing career and now he may be ready to take the coaching leap. The former Finals MVP has expressed an interest getting into coaching. After years of looking at executive positions, now his eyes are elsewhere.

Former NBA champion and five-time All-Star point guard Chauncey Billups is interested in pursuing an NBA head-coaching job, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Billups, 43, has toyed with the idea of leading a team from the sidelines since retiring in 2014, but now it appears he’s fully invested in making the jump a reality, sources said.

A lot of former players and teammates believe Billups would make a great head coach one day. He was a floor general that played both sides of the floor well. He helped the Detroit Pistons become one of the greatest defenses ever and route the Lakers in the 2004 NBA Finals.

Although he has no coaching experience that shouldn’t be held against him. Steve Nash just landed the Brooklyn Nets gig, he is one of the smartest players of all time. Billups could follow in that role, these guys simply know basketball and you have to start somewhere.

It’s also no guarantee that a veteran coach will work in a situation either. Players that had good playing careers could start a new trend of becoming head coaches.

Time will tell if someone will take a chance on Billups. But with his track record he could be worth the chance to build up something special and relate to his players.

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