LeBron James Is Pissed Off After Being Compared to Scottie Pippen

Never underestimate the carnage one tweet can cause. Daryl Morey learnt that the hard way, and now, so has Richard Jefferson.

Jefferson fired off a tweet that caused quite the domino effect on Thursday and ultimately resulted in a very angry LeBron James. It all started with this scorching hot take:

Pippen was quick to respond:

Remember, these guys are essentially colleagues at ESPN’s The Jump and Jefferson took Pippen’s response in good spirits:

Things easily could’ve ended there, but yet another ESPN analyst was determined to get in on the action.

This time it was former Bulls point guard Jay Williams, who had this to say:

LeBron James was monstrously displeased with Williams’ tweet and decided to fight fire with fire:

It’s no surprise that LeBron was so annoyed, considering he has spent his life trying to surpass Jordan’s greatness, only to be compared to his right-hand man.

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We can’t be sure whether Williams actually believes what he said, or if he’s just trying to stir the pot and attract attention. The insane things that people genuinely believe never cease to amaze, nor does there seem to be any limit on what folks will say for attention.