Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Pinstripe Jerseys

Hornets New Jerseys

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled two new fully redesigned jerseys that they will wear in the 2020-21 NBA season.

Charlotte hasn’t fully redesigned their jerseys since 2014 when they rebranded to the Hornets from the Bobcats.

Both the “Association” and “Icon” jerseys feature pinstripes, Jordan Brand insignia in the upper right corner and Lending Tree adverts in the upper left corner.

The Association jersey is white with teal trim and the Icon jersey is teal with white trim.

Both jerseys are outlined with classic Hornets purple along the lettering.

The Hornets plan to unveil their “City” edition jerseys next season.

In addition to the two new jerseys, the Hornets showed off a new court design which places the “Hornet” logo center court and within the three-point lines one both sides.

The majority of the new court features a honeycomb design, save for the inside of the three-point line and paint.

The space inside the three-point line but outside of the paint is straight hardwood while the paint itself is a cellular design.

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