Marcus Morris Denies Trying to Hurt Luka Doncic’s Ankle

Marcus Morris has some under fire today for a play in game five of the Los Angeles Clippers series with the Dallas Mavericks.

A play that looked intentional that he tried to step on Mavericks star Luka Doncic hurt ankle. Morris is denying the claim that he do so on purpose.

Morris and coach Doc Rivers said it is “absolutely absurd” to believe that.

Morris said he has always played the game the right way and has never been a dirty player.

Twitter turned to old clips of Morris and dirty plays, such as trying to knee Ben Simmons in the head or hitting Justin Anderson in the head with the ball. Many believe that it was intentional and some believe it was a basketball play.

Morris has had some controversy in his career, so this isn’t something that is new.

He gets in a lot of tangle ups with players and is known to get into scuffles.

The Clippers took a 3-2 lead in the series and will look to wrap up the series in game six.

It is no secret that Doncic is suffering from an ankle injury.

So it remains to be seen what the NBA thinks of this and if they will suspend Morris at all.

The video tells a picture, his initial angle is changed going towards the ball. Whether he is trying to steal the in bounds of intentionally hurt Doncic remains unknown.

It will be up to the NBA to determine the extent of what was trying to be done.

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