Kendrick Perkins Blasts Brett Brown for Benching Al Horford

Kendrick Perkins Blasts Brett Brown

Former NBA big-man Kendrick Perkins blasted Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown on Wednesday for replacing 5x all-star Al Horford with rookie Mattisse Thybulle in the starting lineup.

Perkins was asked about Brown’s decision by NBC Sports Boston host Kyle Draper and his response was anything but glowing.

“What else do we expect though, Kyle?” Perkins asked.

“You know what would happen if you take Brett Brown’s brain and put it in a bird. You know what that bird’s going to do, right? It’s going to fly backwards. He’s really confused. He just don’t get it, man.”

Brown has been criticized by fans and pundits alike for his atypical coaching style and aggressive lineup changes.

“This is the problem when you’re this confused. You’re switching your lineup after game one, right? When I thought Philly played pretty good. And this is the confusing part about Al Horford where he don’t know how to fit in, where to fit in. Like, he don’t know his role. Brett Brown hasn’t done a great job of identifying his role from the very beginning of the season so it doesn’t surprise me,” Perkins said.

The 76ers haven’t been able to click all season, largely in part due to their lack of quickness and perimeter shooting.

Although Horford has helped the team in the role of a ball facilitator and interior defender, he hasn’t solved any of the team’s outstanding issues.

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But still, it seems Perkins’ assertion was correct considering how poorly the 76ers played in game two.