Bulls Fire Head Coach Jim Boylen After 2 Seasons

Jim Boylen Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have finally come to the realization that Jim Boylen isn’t the right person for the job.

After just two seasons, the team announced his firing.

Boylen went 39-84 during his tenure while facing extensive scrutiny on his coaching and backlash from players.

“After doing a comprehensive evaluation and giving the process the time it deserved, I ultimately decided that a fresh approach and evolution in leadership was necessary,” Karnisovas the Bulls executive Vice President said in a statement.

Boylen often clashed with Zach LaVine who has voiced as well as shown his displeasure with Boylen in the past.


LaVine has taken issue with his coach multiple times throughout the season, and sometimes during timeouts, the whole team seemed to tune Boylen out.

The Bulls, who haven’t won a playoff series in five years, will immediately look for a replacement.

“Officially the last day of the regular season is today so I thought the timing was right, right now going into the lottery and the draft process and it’s an official offseason for us so we thought that it was good timing,” Karnisovas said.

The Bulls have a lot of young talent, but they need a coach that is going to be able to utilize that talent.

Playing under control and running an uptempo offense will be a tremendous boost for the team and a younger coach who could relate better with players may be their best choice.

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