LeBron James on Kyle Kuzma: ‘to Win a Championship He Has to Be Our Third Best Player’

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LeBron James had strong words for his teammate Kyle Kuzma, saying he needs to play well for the Lakers to win a title.

Kuzma, who has been hot and cold this year, has shown glimpses of being that guy in the bubble.

Still, controversy has bogged the team all year long on whether Kuzma is the guy to help the Lakers.

Many believe the team should have kept Brandon Ingram instead.

Kuzma can end that criticism by helping the Lakers hoist the trophy in October.

The Lakers were title contenders all year long and still are considered favorites, but the lay-off cost them a valuable wing defender in Avery Bradley and the team has not regained their chemistry since reentering the bubble.

There is no room for error the Lakers.

LeBron isn’t getting any younger, Anthony Davis was brought in as another superstar and the roster is aging.

It could be now or never for this Lakers team with the uncertainty surrounding sports during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lakers were playing great basketball and clicking on all cylinders back in March, and they hoped to continue playing well going into Orlando.

That hasn’t been the case thus far and there are a lot of red flags surrounding the team as they approach the playoffs.

Kuzma must be consistent if the Lakers have a chance of winning their 17th title.

Maybe his game over the Nuggets will help kickstart a run.

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