Doc Rivers Makes Joke About Reporting LeBron James on Anonymous Tip Line

The NBA’s anonymous tip lime continues to make waves, now it is Doc Rivers who joked about reporting LeBron James.

In recent weeks the tip line has been ringing often about players breaking protocol.

It has led to players being warned or even having to quarantine within their hotel room.

The NBA created the line to allow players to anonymously call in to keep the bubble safe.

It has ranged from players crossing the line to players wearing no masks.

Rivers saw the opportunity to joke about it and took full advantage.

He also took a dig and said that he was going to report Gregg Popovich next.

Through all the joking there is no room for error while the players are at the bubble.

Each and every step was created to make the environment as safe and healthy as possible.

The phones may ring off the hook but ultimately it is better to have then not to have.

The Clippers currently sit at contenders and may very well hold up the NBA Championship in October.

It could very well come down to Rivers actually seeing something breaking policy and he will need to call the hotline to report it.

An NBA title could be won or lost by players willing to follow rules.

But for now it’s all jokes for Rivers as he looks to get his team prepared for a title run in the bubble league in Orlando.

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