Gregg Popovich Says NBA Bubble Is Safest Place to Be

Gregg Popovich initially had doubts about going to Orlando for the restart but now he says the NBA bubble is the safest place to be.

With players and coaches dropping out due to the uncertainty revolving around COVID-19, Popovich initially considered skipping the restart due to his age and health concerns.

“I talked to a lot of people, I talked to [Commissioner] Adam [Silver], and you find out pretty quickly what he and his staff of many have gone through to put this thing together,” Popovich said.

Popovich believes that coaches and players can continue to fight for social justice while being in the bubble in Orlando as well.

Many players were adamant about being able to use the restart as a platform to continue fighting for social justice and raising awareness of systemic racism.

Popovich has been very active in speaking up and plans to continue to do so.

“Since the decision was made to do this, to start the season the season again under these circumstances with all the precautions, what a great opportunity to make race an upfront, most important activity that happens on a social level while we’re here,” Popovich said.

The San Antonio Spurs will look to fight their way into the playoffs by winning a play-in game.

It is unfamiliar territory for a team that is used to being at the top of the West and a staple in the NBA playoffs.

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For now, the Spurs are thrilled to have their coach on the sidelines as the season restarts in the bubble.