LeBron James Weighs In On Donald Trump’s Tweet About Bubba Wallace

Lakers forward LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James responded to a tweet from President Donald Trump regarding NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.

Two weeks ago, Wallace found a noose in his stall at Talladega that spurred an FBI investigation into a possible hate crime.

In the end, it was determined that the noose had been tied that way since October, and all parties involved moved forward.

The backlash that has come from that situation has culminated with the president giving his input on the situation via Twitter.

In his tweet, President Trump asked if Wallace had apologized to all NASCAR officials and drivers that came to his side when the situation he was involved in was a “hoax.”

Much of the tweet posted by Trump seemed to have some misleading information regarding the reporting of the noose and ratings for NASCAR.
Wallace released his own statement explaining to Black kids how they will always be targeted and have more expectations upon them.
He added that they should walk with their heads held up high when choosing their path, and combat hate with love, even when that hate is “from the POTUS.”
LeBron James tweeted a response in support of Bubba Wallace.
James approves of Wallace speaking out in a sport where not many speak up on these kinds of issues.
Wallace has handled it with grace and class, something NBA fans are very aware of when it comes to “King James” speaking out on issues of social justice and racial inequality.
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