Tyler Herro Studies Klay Thompson, Ray Allen Tape to Improve Shot

Tyler Herro Heat

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro says that Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson and hall of famer Ray Allen are among the players he studies to improve his jump-shot.

Herro’s only been in the NBA for less than a season, but he’s has already established himself as one of the best distance shooters in the league, making more than 39% of attempts from beyond the three-point line on 5.4 attempts per game.

“Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, CJ McCollum, Steve Nash and Bradley Beal are the guys that’s I’ve watched, just picking different things from each player,” Herro told reporters, via the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman.

The five players Herro mentioned aren’t just great shooters, they’re some of the best catch-and-shoot shooters of all-time.

“You know, Klay and Ray, they do the catch-and-shoot very well. So that’s the thing that I pay attention to when I’m watching them. But every player that I watch, or the coaches have me watch, I can dissect something new or something different from their game to try to add it to mine,” Herro continued on to say.

Herro will have the chance to put his film-studies to the test when he and the Heat travel to Orlando, Florida to finish the NBA season soon.

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