Coronavirus Spike in Florida Spells Trouble for NBA Bubble Plan

NBA Experience at Disney

A new spike of coronavirus cases in the state of Florida has members of the NBA community worried, according to ESPN.

Twenty-two teams are scheduled to travel to Orlando, Florida in the coming weeks.

NBPA executive director Michele Roberts said that association does take some solace in knowing that its players won’t be traveling commercially.

But once players arrive at Disney World, they’ll be exposed to a myriad of factors that could result in infection.

Disney staffers, such as housekeepers, won’t be tested for the coronavirus.

Many players have voiced concern over the fact that the “bubble” isn’t really a bubble since the Disney employees will be allowed to come and go from the campus.

The NBA delivered a 113-page health guideline book which accounts for nearly every variable that could effect the resumption of play.

Should the league run into issues at the Disney campus, they’ll likely be prepared.

Still, it’s hard not to be dismayed by the rising number of coronavirus cases in Florida.

According to ESPN, one league source referred to Commissioner Adam Silver’s tone on the matter as “somber but resolute.”

Teams will begin to have their players tested on June 23.

If a player tests positive, they’ll be quarantined for 14 days, then travel to Orlando with their team.

That is unless they decide to stay home and forego finishing the season, which is something that they can do so long as it’s reported by June 24.

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