Kyrie Irving Set Up Player Zoom Call Regarding NBA Bubble Concerns

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Kyrie Irving is rallying players around the league to voice their concerns about continuing the NBA season.

With the Coronavirus pandemic and protests going on around the country some wonder if the NBA should reconsider plans to restart play at Walt Disney World Resort.

Many players are expected to be on the call to discuss the issue.

As of now, the NBA is planning for teams to arrive in Orlando in early July and to begin to play by the end of the month.

Twenty-two teams will play in what is being called “the bubble league,” with players and their families being quarantined at the resort.

Teams will play eight regular-season games, then a play-in game for the eighth seed followed by the playoffs.

The NBA came up with the model to help generate funds from lost revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even without fans in the stands, viewership should be at an all-time high, thanks to the absence of sports content over the past few months.

But Irving’s call raises new questions on how much support for a season restart there is among players, and if they could decide to hold out of the bubble league.

Irving makes some good points regarding safety and priorities, but it’s ultimately going to be decided by how many players want to play versus those who don’t.

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Everyone wants to be heard, but what seemed like a done deal and the sure return of the NBA just a week or so ago now seems in doubt.