NBA Working Towards Agreement on Players Skipping Season Restart

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

The NBA and NBPA are addressing concerns of players that don’t feel comfortable heading to Orlando to play in the bubble league, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

They’re expected to announce that any player that doesn’t want to join will have the opportunity to opt-out.

They won’t face disciplinary action, but their salaries well take a hit if they decide too.

There were players that handed together on a conference call to address their statements.

Some are not ready to participate again and be stuck in the bubble in Orlando, which of course causes a very unknown scenario as the NBA ramps up its restart.

Could some high-level names decide to hold out? It is very possible.

Everyone is different in how they feel about the virus and the chances of them contracting it.

The Coronavirus has continued to linger over everyone’s heads.

It was now three months ago that the sports world came to a crashing halt as people were first learning about the virus.

Now there is widespread testing and doctors are starting to learn different trends.

The NBA needs to have a strategic plan in place and be able to act upon all those plans.

If someone contracts the virus in the bubble they need to have all measures in place to isolate them.

As for now, players will be expected to join their teams on June 15 before entering the bubble in July.

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