Kyle Kuzma On What White Privilege Means to Him

kyle kuzma trade basketball forever

Kyle Kuzma is one of the many athletes speaking against racism following George Floyd’s death.

“That’s why white people have to realize, it’s not just about your “heart” or your individual mindset. Like how some people say, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.” Kuzma wrote in a thoughtful piece on The Player’s Tribune.

The country has been hit with many protests looking for equality and social justice.

States are calling to defund police and transform the system.

People want their voices heard and athletes like Kuzma are using their platforms and their resources to help facilitate that.

“The best analogy I’ve heard that explains white privilege is that it’s like an invisible backpack that every white person wears,” Kuzma continued.

“If you’re white and you’re ever in a situation where you might need help, you can take that backpack off, open it up, and pull out all sorts of shit.”

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