Bill Russell Calls President Trump ‘Divisive’ and ‘a Coward’ for Kneeling Stance

Bill Russell Celtics

Eleven-time NBA champion Bill Russell isn’t happy about comments that President Donald Trump made on protesters who kneel in solidarity with the black lives matters movement.

Russell is more than just the most prolific winner in NBA history, In 1966, he was named the first black coach in league history.

Few American athletes are more qualified to give their thoughts on the social issues that plague the United States.

“You [President Trump] are divisive & a coward. It takes true courage 2 stand 4 what is right & risk your life in the midst of a #pandemic,” Russell continued on to say.

This isn’t the first time that Russell has spoken out against President Trump.

Just a few weeks ago, Russell blasted Trump for his thoughts on mail-in ballots.

If one thing’s abundantly clear, it’s that Bill Russell is a voice that the world should listen to amidst all of the chaos.

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