Former ESPN NBA Reporter Chris Palmer Called Out for Protest Hypocrisy

Chris Palmer

Former ESPN NBA reporter Chris Palmer is having a very bad, no good week on social media.

On Saturday, Palmer drew the ire of Twitter users for his take on the riots taking place across the United States in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.

“Tear up your own s–t. Don’t come to where we live at and tear our neighborhood up. We care about our community. If you don’t care about yours I don’t give a s–t,” Palmer said in a tweet.

It wasn’t just this statement that angered Twitter users, though.

Many users pointed out that Palmer had previously captioned a picture of a burning building, saying, “Burn that s–t down. Burn it all down.”

Needless to say, his stance on violent rioting seems to be highly hypocritical.

He allegedly encouraged burning a building to the ground, but then later said that rioters shouldn’t mess with his house.

Palmer has issued a response to the criticisms.

“Obviously, I didn’t choose the right words. It was a crazy weekend. Lots of stress and panic. Tear gas is a mother. I don’t endorse property destruction in any form. I’m not perfect. But I will work at it. Be well. Take care.”

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