NBA GM’s Vote in Favor of Resuming Season Straight into the Playoffs

NBA Commissioner Silver

Despite a multitude of options and scenarios, most NBA general managers would prefer to go straight into the playoffs once the season resumes.

Sixteen of the 30 GMs voted in favor of the move, in a survey taken Friday at a board of governor’s meeting.

The survey was viewed by ESPN.

The 16 teams and seedings would be based on regular-season standings as of March 12, when play was suspended.

The option was one of four presented to GMs and garnered more votes than the other three options combined.

Those other options included:

  • Finish the regular season and then hold a play-in tournament (8 votes)
  • Go straight to the playoffs with a play-in tournament or a World Cup-style stage (5 votes)
  • Play the regular season and then go to the playoffs (1 vote)

The decision could not have been popular with the Trail Blazers or Pelicans, who are just a few games behind eighth seed Memphis for the last spot in the Western Conference.

The return to play question was just one of more than 10 questions GMs answered in the survey.

Despite disagreeing on how to resume the season, GMs did agree they needed more flexibility to expand their rosters and replace injured or sick players.

Other questions touched on how many regular-season games to play if they didn’t go straight into the playoffs and a “playoff-plus” model.

GMs were heavily divided on when to end the season.

Options included Labor Day (3 votes), September 15 (7 votes), October 1 (9 votes), October 15 (5 votes), and November 1 (6 votes).

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The league is looking to generate as much revenue as possible to make up for missed games.

With fans desperate to watch some sports, the NBA playoffs might be one of the most-watched sporting events in a very long time.

The league has a busy weekend ahead of them.

Adam Silver and the NBPA have some difficult decisions to make, but whatever is decided,  all 30 teams will not be happy.