The Best Moments from ‘The Last Dance’, Ranked

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With the completion of The Last Dance leading us all to refocus on our depressing, virus-riddled existence, it’s safe to say everyone’s sorely missing the glorious MJ doc.

So, let’s relive The Last Dance one last time by taking a look at the 10 most outstanding moments from a series that was full of them.

10. Jerry Krause’s dance

A niche choice at number 10, perhaps, and maybe not what everyone had in mind when they were promised unseen footage from the 90’s Bulls.

But Jerry’s Krause’s celebratory dance on the team plane made for incredible viewing nonetheless.

9. Dennis Rodman’s mid-season Vegas vacation and WWF appearance during the Finals

dennis rodman hulk hogan

It hard to know which was crazier: Dennis Rodman disappearing without the knowledge of his coach and teammates to make a WWF appearance during the Finals, or Phil Jackson being totally cool with Rodman taking off for an ungodly Vegas bender mid-season.

8. Jordan still being mad at Isiah Thomas 30 years later

Some things never change.

Knowing MJ, his dying words will probably be “F*ck the Pistons”.

7. Jordan accuses Horace Grant of being a snitch

Sam Smith’s famous 1992 book, The Jordan Rules, really upset MJ, particularly because it contained anonymous information from inside the Bulls organisation.

The drama that followed the book’s release resurfaced 28 years later when, in one of his interviews for The Last Dance, Jordan confidently identified former teammate Horace Grant as the source for the anonymous information.

Grant responded by calling Jordan a lier and suggesting he and MJ “settle it like men”.

6. Kobe Bryant calling Jordan his “big brother”

Kobe Bryant’s unseen interview appearing on-screen just a few months after his tragic death really was ‘lump in your throat’ type stuff.

5. Jordan relentlessly roasting the world’s nicest man, Scott Burrell

There aren’t many funnier exchanges in The Last Dance than Michael Jordan teasing a mild-mannered Scott Burrell by claiming he’s a party animal and calling him “Dennis Rodman Jr”.

The best part was when a genuinely concerned Burrell told Jordan his mum and dad would see the footage, followed by Jordan immediately staring into the camera and saying, “Mom and dad, he’s an alcoholic”.

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And that was only a small glimpse of Jordan roasting Burrell:

4. MJ gets owned by his security guard

Good lord, what a moment this was.

Imagine being such a goddamn boss that you can:

(a) Pull off that haircut, for starters

(b) Beat MJ at his own game immediately and hit him with the shrug. 

(c) Leave Mike shell-shocked and trying to pretend he isn’t mad

Dude turned Jordan into a different kind of crying meme in a matter of seconds:

meme michael jordan

One of the best takes from this incredible scene came courtesy of redditor u/cheerio, who had this to say:

“I love the idea that he is the GOAT of bball and an international icon, and anyone can get under his skin by challenging him to some random bullsh*t lmao.”

3. Jordan breaks down after winning the 1996 NBA championship on Father’s Day

No scene was more emotional than Jordan wailing loudly on the floor after winning his first title since his father’s murder, on Father’s Day of all days.

You can just feel his pain.

2. MJ laughing at Gary Payton

A moment as savage as it was memeable… what more could the internet ask for?

1. Jordan’s ‘baseball bat and cigar’ moment before ending BJ Armstrong

There’s nowhere to go from here, we have officially reached peak Michael Jordan.