Zion Williamson’s Lawyers Ask Judge to Void Marketing Deal

Zion Williamson has been spectacular on the court, but now he is finding himself in court.

Williamson’s lawyers have asked a federal judge in North Carolina to void his marketing agreement with Gina Ford and Prime Sports Marketing, who recently sued him for $100 million in damages for breaching their contract.

In his motion to U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs of Winston-Salem, attorney John Wester argued that the agreement Zion signed with Florida agent Gina Ford and Prime Sports Marketing in April 2019 violated a North Carolina law designed to protect student-athletes from agents who are not registered.

With so much back and forth over the year since both cases were filed and with claims and counterclaims, the filing on Wednesday hopes to speed up a resolution to this case sooner rather than later.

Williamson’s legal team has reinforced to the judge that the contract agreement should be void because Ford wasn’t registered as an agent in North Carolina where the deal took place.

Those representing the Pelicans rookie have asked for her counter-suit be thrown out.

Just last week Ford’s attorney asked Zion and his family to admit they asked for and received money among other benefits from individuals associated with both Nike and Adidas, which supposedly helped influence his decision to attend Duke.