Miles Bridges Wants 1-on-1 Smoke with Michael Jordan

Miles Bridges Michael Jordan

You’ve probably noticed an old quote from Michael Jordan going around lately where he says he could beat any his current Hornets players 1-on-1.

Well, Hornets forward Miles Bridges also noticed and subsequently challenged Jordan to a game.


Jordan originally made the comment in 2015, during an interview with French newspaper L’Équipe back when he was 52.

If Jordan does accept Bridges’ challenge, it wouldn’t be the first time MJ has shown up one his Hornets players.

Just two years ago, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist revealed he had fallen to Jordan in 1-on-1.

“He did play me 1-on-1 one time,” Kidd-Gilchrist told CSN Houston.

“And it was hard for me. I lost. I lost to a 50-year-old guy. That’s my boss, though. He’s the best player to play the game.”

Here’s hoping Bridges vs Jordan happens next.

God knows we’re starved of on-court action right now.

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